earth without art is just eh. 
earth without art is just eh. 

Photography Vita

Since 2019, Charlotte Kunstmann has worked as a freelance photographer, on personal projects as well as, for numerous clients including artists, writers, and various magazines. Her work spans several disciplines, including landscapes, portraits, travel, and editorial photography. Her approach is always as personal as possible, and she specializes in portrait photography in an outdoor and natural setting. "Let's walk and talk first," she may typically say before a shoot.

Charlotte grew up on a farm in northern Germany, studied in Bremen, and subsequently spent several years living and working between Germany, Spain and Portugal. Following this, she worked as a high school teacher in History, Politics, Spanish, and Drama. Alongside teaching, she began her career as a freelance writer, completing a writing program at the Berlin author school "Schreibhain" in 2021. Since then, she has published many short stories in books and magazines, including a personal column, the so-called "Du-Geschichten" in an online magazine, as well as a few travel reports, always focusing on the people and their personal stories and combining her love for storys and pictures. 

Her portrait work, "Am Steingarten," was shown in the group exhibition "Schwellen" in March 2023 at Bethanien. She is currently attending classes at the Ostkreuz School for Photography, led by teacher Tobias Kruse. When not traveling, Charlotte lives and works in Berlin Pankow.


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